Where to Find Delicious Street Food in Bangkok

Bangkok is not only a destination that is popular for sightseeing and recreation, the city is also famous for some mouth-watering Thai street recipes that one must never fail to taste on their tour. Being a stranger in the city, tourists will have difficulties in finding the best places for street food most of the time and hence many would end their tour without tasting some of the best Thai foods. But you will not be among that as you are going to be enlightened about the best places to find street food in Bangkok. To find the best air price to reach Bangkok visit the Delta Airlines Official Site.

Bang Rak

Bang Rak is one of the oldest areas in Bangkok and was a hub for visitors from India, China, and the West during the olden days. This has resulted in the influence of foreign cuisines with the traditional Thai cuisine and has produced some delicious recipes. Pork dumplings, roasted duck, rice porridge and roti with green curry are some of the famous dishes here.

Khao San

Khao San is one of the best places in Bangkok to find some cheap and delicious Thai food. One can find a plenty of vendors selling local Thai food in and around Khao San road and Soi Rambuttri Street. Tom yum soup and a variety of fried rice are the best in Khao San.


Chinatown is a place in Bangkok where you can find a huge variety of street foods. The place will be filled with people longing to taste different food types and the main thing one must have in mind while visiting Chinatown is not to fill their tummy in a single shop. Roam around this place and try all varieties of Thai foods spread here.

Rattanakosin (Old City)

The Old City is famous for the Pad Thai Thip Samai restaurant which delivers the best Pad Thai in the world. This place is also famous for other variety of foods such as pad thai kung and khao mun gai.

Do not forget to visit these places and taste some quality street food on your trip to Bangkok. To make reservations at best prices visit Delta Airlines Reservations

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