Stunning Natural Wonders in Ontario

Ontario is stunning and green. Located on top of the Great Lakes in east-central Canada, it is well-known for magical Niagara Falls, chic cities such as Toronto and the nation’s capital Ottawa, the Niagara wine region etc. Not amazingly, there are lots of natural wonders to discover. Prior to booking Delta Airlines Flights you should know about the top natural wonders in Ontario, some of which are listed below:

Algonquin Provincial Park: This is a wild, rugged, and classic Canadian backwoods which has also been the first park of Canada. Travelling around the parts of the vast park is a treat for almost everyone. Here you can witness rushing rivers, thousands of lakes, and unspoiled forests filled with wildlife such as wolves, bear, and moose.

The Bruce Peninsula: This peninsula is known for the green dunes, sugar-white sand, spectacular white cliffs, and blue waters. Georgian Bay on this peninsula is a cherished place known for its natural beauty. You can visit during the fall and spring months of to enjoy the close by UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, as well, without the crowds.

The Thousand Islands: This is a 50-mile stretch of the St. Lawrence River which is filled with several attractive little forested islands. This area spanning the Canada-U.S. border with New York State has been a playground for the well-off back in the 19th century and the elite constructed stately shoreline manors and Gothic fortresses here for stylish escapes.

Kakabeka Falls: Kakabeka Falls in northern Ontario is thrilling and powerful to see from the wrap-around walkway as it rumbles through the stony canyon. It is never very crowded particularly in spring and fall when the scene is framed by blossoming wild flowers or the amazing changing autumn leaves.

Tew Falls: This is the largest falls of Hamilton which is a huge basin with transparent water spilling over the border that looks heavenly. You can visit in early spring when the water is in fact rushing.

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