Get Delta Airlines Deals on booking tickets for a trip to The Algarve

These days Instagram happens to decide what places people are visiting, and Algarve, Portugal happens to be one such destination. There is something unique there, from southern coastline of Portugal to Michelin starred restaurants and all you need is a bicycle to explore the city, for people who are perfectionists, there are the international golf courses to get the right exercise, and indulge in some high society fun, some people go there only for the nightlife and culture tours. For more information, do log in to the Delta Airlines Official Site.

Let us look at some places you can visit there

Cape St. Vincent

This happens to be the farthest point in Europe if you are looking south. The place is known for its rare natural beauty, the weather is warm, and the wind is strong. A day spent there would be marvelous, and you would take back the memory of the people there, who are well dressed in beret hats, but who are also easy going people who make life as it comes, and the cheer of the local people would rub off on you. Also, catch a sunset there.


It is a deserted island, and very romantic so you could go there for a lovely couple time full of solitude. But, this trip is also an adventure especially for those who love wildlife. The place has only seen limited development which is good for the animals as they live in a sheltered and protected environment, and you go there only on a ferry which makes for an exciting experience. It is a must-visit place so start making Delta Airlines Reservations soon!

Serra De Monchique

This happens to be an excellent road trip. Your GPS would be your best friend as it takes you through the narrow winding lanes and finally takes you to your destination. Every country happens to boats of one road trip right spot, and this happens to be the one in Portugal.


The market from 1924 would blow your mind just because it is such an old market, the locals buy meat and vegetables there, and once again you get a beautiful opportunity to rub shoulders with the locals. This happens to be the soul of Portugal, and the sights and smells are breathtakingly beautiful.

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Explore the beautiful castles and historical sites in Montenegro with Delta Airlines

Montenegro is home to inspiring waters which were never subjugated, and it happens to be a European hidden gem. The Illyrian language and culture have seeped into the nation, and for some country as small as Montenegro, the place has gripping tales to tell. Let us talk about some beautiful castles and historical sites in Montenegro

Kampana Tower

Kampana tower speaks of fortifications added every time a new ruler emerged. This was done to keep ambitious rulers of different kingdoms away from Montenegro. The site has its name in the world heritage sites. When you go there, you would see natural beauty, culture and history. From canyons to gorges, you would not just find everlasting flora, but also large mammals, and birds of the kind of falcons and eagles, in the same tune; you would see farmers, shepherds working towards agricultural goals. If you are keen, then please do visit Delta Airlines Official Site on how to get there.

Dumitor national park

It happens to be the country’s largest protected area, formed by glaciers, mountain eyes, canyons where one can go hiking, and partake in many mountain related sports such as skiing. If you are one to have a love for cold weather, then do make Delta Airlines Reservations Official Site

Venetian works of defense in the 16th century to 17 century

When one visits here, he or she would see when the gun powder was first introduced here; you would see the new defense system as recognized by Europe throughout. You would be able to see the local scene, the military scenario, the firearms et al., and it would be a good experience diving down the history of the place. Do not miss the opportunity of a great vacation and quickly book Delta Airlines Discounts  Flights.

King Nikolas Palace

You will see elements of Neoclassicism there; you will also see historicism and art of the place. The gardens of the area would have you enchanted for there you would find flower beds, seeds and cuttings. Save some money on the trip by availing Delta Airlines Deals.

Explore the authentic churches in Switzerland with Delta Airlines Flights

Switzerland, a place that does not need any kind of introduction and is a small but very famous country situated in the heart of Europe. It is a dream destination for every individual especially for lovers or newlywed couples because it is a very romantic place to spend quality time with your loved one. Except for its mesmerizing surroundings and breathtaking view, tourists also pay their attention to some of the most beautiful authentic churches. Delta Airlines Reservations offer you the best deals to spend your vacation in Switzerland and make unforgettable life long memories. The place is a house of many ancient churches in the whole world. We are going to discuss some of the most ancient churches in the country.

Court Church Of St. Leodegar

Another famous church to visit, it is a Roman Catholic Church located in the city of Lucerne. The church was built in parts from 1633 to 1639.  In 1633, the church was destroyed by the fire and was rebuilt in 1645. The place is an important Renaissance church in the country.

Water Church

Water Church is also known by the name of Wasserkirche which is built on a small island i the Limmat. If you have a great interest in history and art then you must visit this place once. The best part of the church is the Choir windows which were designed by the Augusto Giacometti. Delta Airlines Deals give you the best opportunity to explore the beauty and the ancient churches of Switzerland

Fraumünster Church

The place is situated on the West Bank of Limmat and is one of the most prominent landmarks of the Zurich’s. It was built from the middle of the 9th century and their five stained glass window is the main attraction of visitors which was prepared by the March Chagall in 1960s.

St. Peter’s Church

It is the oldest and one of the four main churches of the old town of Zurich. Some parts of the church dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries and are the only parish church before the reformation. One cannot miss the Church clock which is the largest church clock of Europe.

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Plan all girls trip to Spain and get Delta Airlines Deals on booking flights

Are you looking for a perfect trip with your girl squad? If yes, Spain has got some of the amazing places and stuff to explore and enjoy. If you are looking for a memorable once in a lifetime trip with your girl gang, check out the Delta Airlines Official Site to get complete information on the different types of ongoing offers and deals for Spain trip. Given below are some of the things that you must add to your bucket list for ultimate fun:

Time to roam around in Barcelona

Barcelona is the most amazing Spanish city. One can visit La Boqueria –the food market and then go for sightseeing, traveling on the local buses and explore all the historic spots. You can roam around in the street of Las Ramblas. In evening Port Olympic, with a number of upmarket lounge bars welcomes you warmly.

Vineyard in Barcelona

A trip to Vineyard is an essential part of discovering Barcelona.  Be ready for a great wine experience in the thousand-year-old castle, Oller del Mas. One comes to know about grape harvesting and nurturing in barrels and taste some of the best wines with local cheeses. One can always go for a Gothic quarter for exciting and new experiences.

Visit Ibiza

After spending nights in Barcelona the next spot definitely should be Ibiza. Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel on Playa d’en bossa is an amazing place to stay. One can enjoy in the hopping pubs on the streets, Bora Bora Beach Club and Space a club in Ibiza. Make a prior Delta Airlines Reservations to get acquainted with some early discounts.

Party hard on the beach

Cala Conte beach is a very amazing spot to enjoy the morning sun.  Sunset Ashram, a boho hippy cave with a marvellous view, great food and amazing music by a saxophonist can be another exciting place to visit along with Café Mambo in Sant Antoni equally entertaining. You can have a meal of steak and chips always adored by the tourist.

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Know places to worship in Singapore and book Delta Airlines Flights

Are you a religious person and have a great interest in exploring different religions in different places? Then you must start with Singapore. It is a beautiful island city-state situated in Southeast Asia and is officially known by the name of the Republic of Singapore. The place is very famous for the rich cultural heritage and for their worship places.

Quickly visit the Delta Airlines Official Site and enjoy all the attractive deals that it offers and make your trip memorable. Let’s have a review of some of the best worship places to visit in this beautiful place.

Sri Mariamman Temple (Dravidian)

This is the oldest Hindu Temple of Goddess Mariamman and was built in the year 1884.  It is located in Kampung Madras and the best place to visit for the followers of the Hindu religion. Some peoples have a belief that goddess Mariamma protects them from epidemics, illness, and disease. The place has a very unique architecture and is devoted to the Hindu deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Durga and many more.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The place is beautifully located in the Chinatown district and very popular for its unique interiors. This is not only a temple to visit but it is also a beautiful museum which symbolizes the Buddhist culture and their beliefs.

St Andrews Cathedral

The place was built in 1158 and considered as the oldest and the largest church in the city. The unique and the stunning designs of this place were inspired by the English Church which was made in the 13th Century. This place totally provides a divine experience for every visitor. So be ready to book Delta Airlines Flights and get ready to see the charm of Singapore.

Sultan Mosque

Another delightful place to visit in Singapore is also known by the name of Masjid Sultan. This spectacular place is located in the district of Kampong Glam. This amazing Mosque was designed by the Irish Architect named Denis Sentry.

Thian Hock Keng Temple

If you are visiting holy places in Singapore then you must have to visit this place. The place is quite popular and devoted to the Goddess of the sea named Mazu.

If you ever make a plan to visit any Worship Places in Singapore then Delta Airlines Reservations are here to help you in any way.