Get Delta Airlines Deals on booking tickets for a trip to The Algarve

These days Instagram happens to decide what places people are visiting, and Algarve, Portugal happens to be one such destination. There is something unique there, from southern coastline of Portugal to Michelin starred restaurants and all you need is a bicycle to explore the city, for people who are perfectionists, there are the international golf courses to get the right exercise, and indulge in some high society fun, some people go there only for the nightlife and culture tours. For more information, do log in to the Delta Airlines Official Site.

Let us look at some places you can visit there

Cape St. Vincent

This happens to be the farthest point in Europe if you are looking south. The place is known for its rare natural beauty, the weather is warm, and the wind is strong. A day spent there would be marvelous, and you would take back the memory of the people there, who are well dressed in beret hats, but who are also easy going people who make life as it comes, and the cheer of the local people would rub off on you. Also, catch a sunset there.


It is a deserted island, and very romantic so you could go there for a lovely couple time full of solitude. But, this trip is also an adventure especially for those who love wildlife. The place has only seen limited development which is good for the animals as they live in a sheltered and protected environment, and you go there only on a ferry which makes for an exciting experience. It is a must-visit place so start making Delta Airlines Reservations soon!

Serra De Monchique

This happens to be an excellent road trip. Your GPS would be your best friend as it takes you through the narrow winding lanes and finally takes you to your destination. Every country happens to boats of one road trip right spot, and this happens to be the one in Portugal.


The market from 1924 would blow your mind just because it is such an old market, the locals buy meat and vegetables there, and once again you get a beautiful opportunity to rub shoulders with the locals. This happens to be the soul of Portugal, and the sights and smells are breathtakingly beautiful.

Do not miss this one in a million opportunity, and book Delta Airlines Flights.

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