3 Delicious Foods One Must Try in Mexico

Mexico Is becoming extremely popular vacation destination with tourists which offer sandy beaches, beach resorts, sceneries, mountains, remote deserts, rich cultural heritage and flora, and fauna. Book Delta Airline Tickets and travel to this exotic city that is famous for its nightlife. The country is widely famous for its vibrant music and dance tradition. Mexico has something or the other for every kind of traveler. One should visit Mexico during festive seasons such as Son Jarocho Music Festival and Fiestas de Octubre. One can visit world’s largest barrier reef, ruins Mayan cities and Azten which are the cultural heritage of Mexico. UNESCO has declared them as a world heritage sites. Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Nuevo Vallarta and Santa María Huatulco are some of the popular vacation spots for locals and visitors.

You can buy cheap delta airlines flights booking and travel to lovely city Mexico. On festive season you will find food fiesta on streets that will wake up your taste buds and Mexican food is famous all over the world. From Margaritas to Quesadillas you will fall in love with every dish. The food in this country is the mixture of Mesoamericans and Spanish cuisine. You can enjoy your tasty meals while basking in the sun or have dinner dates with your loved one at a Mexican restaurant. Let’s check out top five mouth-watering foods in Mexico:


Tacos can be made of Chicken or beef served with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes that are added in tortillas. It is served with salsa in the end.

Mexican lasagna:

We all have tried Lasagna, but have you tasted Mexican Lasagna? They are topped with layers of tortillas and tomatoes lettuce and cheese are filled in the middle.


Nachos can be eaten during meals with cheese sauce or salsa sauce.

Take a journey to Mexico and enjoy the energetic city. You can call delta airlines toll free number if you have queries regarding any packages.

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