Explore famous tourists spots in Kathmandu Delta Airlines!

Kathmandu is the capital and a metropolitan city of Nepal. It is a valley surrounded by nine hill stations located on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Cheap Delta airlines tickets provide great airfare deals. The city possesses numerous durbars, temples, monasteries and Historical places, making a better experience for the visitors. If you are a peace lover, you will definitely love the beauty of Kathmandu. It is an ideal place for travelers where you can explore religious places such as Kopan Monastery and Swayambhunath temple, panorama views of Garden of Dreams, monumental places such as National History Museum of Nepal. The National Museum was Royal Palace where it was a home for the royal family.


Book flights to Nepal by choosing Delta Airlines flights at cheap costs. You can go on adventures like rock climb, trekking and bungee jumping. Kathmandu is a hub for travelers and it is an ever growing vacation spot for tourists. It also has well developed in urban areas suitable for traveling via roads. This city has so much to offer from mountain trekking to museums, from shopping stores to tea shops. This metropolis city attracts thousands of visitors every year to its Historical destination. Medieval temples with great intoxicating architectures will inspire you with its beauty.

Many temples and Historical sites are declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Hidden temples with pleasing courtyards and many more sights are enough to keep you busy for a week. You can visit this city with rich cultural history and tradition at any day and at time of the year. Kathmandu is an epicenter of economic life in Nepal which has world’s greatest peaks and mountains. Get a chance to discover this vibrant culture with great Nepal cuisines and artistic stuff.Get a chance to see the real Nepal by booking your flights from Delta airlines at discounted rates.

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