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Regina is the second largest city and the capital city of the state of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. This city is also a hub for the commercial and cultural center in the southern part of Saskatchewan. This city offers many attractions such as Downtown Regina, McCallum Centre Towers, Saskatchewan Legislative Building, Dominion Government Building and a lot more. Established in 1882, this city is also called as The Queen City. If you are planning to visit this city then don’t miss to explore Wascana Centre with your family. It is 9.3 sq km wide which also contains government, recreational, educational, cultural and environmental buildings. Grab an amazing offer only at Delta Flights Deals and travel to Regina.

Wascana Lake is said to be the popular attractions in the city of Regina. You can also add these spots to your touring lists which are main attractions of this city such as the Provincial Legislative Building, the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts, First Nations University of Canada, the provincial museum of natural history, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Regina Conservatory, the Saskatchewan Science Centre and many more. If you are exploring downtown Regina the make sure to visit the Victoria Park which hosts Regina Folk Festival and many other outdoor festivals during the summer season. It is a public park which is located in the center of Regina’s central business district. This park has plenty of picnic grounds as well as green areas. Get Delta Airlines Official Site  and save your time and travel money.

Do not miss to explore the historical museum which is called as the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (a museum of natural history) with your family and kids. If you are in Wascana Lake then make sure to visit the Saskatchewan Science Centre. In the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, you will find a number of small museums and art galleries. This city is full of music and dance life and you will find theatres and art galleries everywhere. Do Delta Airlines Reservations now and get tickets to Regina for you and your family.

Explore theaters and parks in Osasco with delta airlines

Sao Paulo has some of the best cities to explore and Osasco is one of them. This is a municipality in Brazil which is located in the state of the Greater Sao Paulo. This city is one of the dense cities which is also said to have famous and major urban center in the Greater Sao Paulo. Some locals even call this city as Urbs labor which means City Work. this city of famous for plenty of things and you should definitely explore this city if you are in Brazil. There are many exciting things to do and see in this city which will make you want to visit this city again and again. You can book cheap airfare tickets only at Delta Airlines Flights for you and your family.

If you are a book lover then do not miss to explore libraries like Biblioteca Municipal Monteiro Lobato, Library of Centro Universitário FIEO, Biblioteca Heitor Sinegalia, Biblioteca Manoel Fiorita as well as Library of Faculdade de Ciências da FITO which has a collection of many books from every part of Brazil and other countries. If you want to enjoy theatrical shows with your loved ones and friends then you must go to theaters like Teatro Municipal de Osasco, Centro de Eventos Pedro Bortolosso, Espaço Grande Otello, Spaces of culture and also Teatro do Sesi. Delta Airlines Official Site provide inexpensive plane tickets to Osasco with your family.

You can get to learn so many things by exploring historical, arts and cultural museums like Museu Dimitri Sensaud de Lavaud, Escola de Artes César Antonio Salvi, Casa de Angola and Casa do Violeiro do Brasil. For park lovers there are plenty of green areas, landscapes and gardens to explore. You can take your family and kids to enjoy day picnic in many parks such as Parque Ecológico Nelson Vilha Dias, Parque Municipal Dionísio Alvares Mateos, Parque Clóvis Assaf, Parque Municipal Chico Mendes, Parque Ecológico Jardim Piratininga, Park of Lazer Antônio Temporim and many more. Low-cost flight tickets provide Delta Airlines Reservations.