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Edmonton is the capital city of the state of Alberta which is located in Canada. You can explore many itineraries with your loved ones such as Downtown Edmonton, Fort Edmonton Park, Legislature Building, Law Courts, Rogers Place, High-Level Bridge, Muttart Conservatory and a lot more. This city goes by many nicknames like Canada’s Festival City, City of Champions, The Oil Capital of Canada and many more. This city is a hub to governmental, educational and cultural center in the province of Alberta. It is called as Canada’s Festival City because it hosts numerous festivals all the year round. You can get a chance to visit one of the largest malls in North America and that is West Edmonton Mall which was developed in 1981. Delta Airlines Official Site provides cheap airfare tickets.

You can also explore Fort Edmonton Park which is one of the famous and largest living history museums. From small to large, you can explore many museums with your family and kids. Take a visit to the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) which was formerly called as the Provincial Museum of Alberta. You can explore more than 10 million objects which possesses cultural monuments of aboriginal tribes of the region. Located in the Woodcroft neighborhood and in the north-western part of the city, you can explore the Telus World of Science which was opened in 1984. Delta Airlines Reservations Official Site gives plane tickets to Edmonton.

It contains many permanent galleries, temporary exhibits, a planetarium, an IMAX theatre, an amateur radio station as well as an observatory. Located in the river valley to the southwestern part of the city center, you can explore the Edmonton Valley Zoo with your loved ones and kids. The Alberta Aviation Museum is situated in a hangar at the City Centre Airport which has a collection of military and civil aircrafts. The Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre is a place where the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum located and it is a military heritage that features small exhibits and two galleries. Delta Airlines Deals gives numerous offers and discounts to Edmonton.

Explore several ecotourism spots in Sao Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro with delta airlines

Sao Gonçalo is a city as well as a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. It is located on the northeastern Guanabara Bay in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. This city is also called as Manchester Fluminense by the locals and visitors. There are many best things to do and see in this city. From the beach to parks and gardens, this city offers a variety of attractions to their guests. This city mainly attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe. There are top rated places and number of attractions to do in Sao Goncalo. There is plenty of new recreational places ad unique things to do in this city. Do not miss out amazing beaches and green spaces with your loved ones. Delta airlines official site provides the best range of tickets for large packages to Sao Goncalo.

Add the highlights of the city on your bucket list and visit every place one by one. From natural spots to adventurous activities and from historical monuments to entertainment venues, you candiscover plenty of places. Take your kids and family to the Igreja de São Gonçalo Garcia which was developed in the 18th century. Explore one of the most visited Rio–Niterói Bridge which has been stated as one of the most visited bridge in Sao Goncalo in Rio De Janeiro. Avail ticket only at the delta airlines reservations official site for you and your family.

You can do surfing, swimming and other beach activities in beaches like Praia de Icaraí, Praia da Moreninha, Praia de Charitas, Praia de Adão, Praia de São Francisco, Praia da Engenhoca, Praia José Bonifácio, Praia Grossa, Praia da Imbuca, Praia dos Coqueiros and many more. Travel to Guapimirim Environmental Protection Area and explore the wild nature and eco-tourism spots with your family. You can go for abseiling and other adventures in Caves of Spar with your friends. Go for a family outing in parks like Palmir park Silva and Parque Paleontológico de São José de Itaboraí. Get delta flight deals and fly to your favorite city of Sao Goncalo with your loved ones.

This vacation plan your trip with your kids in London

London is one of the world’s most visited cities which has something for all to see. From delicious food to historical culture, from royal palaces and churches to riding huge Ferris wheel, this city has plenty of things to offer. You spend a great time with your family and kids in the suburbs of the city. London is also one of the most known cosmopolitan cities in the world. London ranks top in art, finance, healthcare, commerce, economy, and tourism. You can visit world-famous landmarks such as Westminster’s Abbey, the Tower of London, House of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Nelson’s column and Westminster Abbey that possesses unique architectures and buildings. Delta flights deals in various international flights bookings.

Let your kids learn about this fascinating city, from river banks to high tech buildings, you have so many things to see and do. London is a diverse city of art and culture; you can find renowned architecture designs, contemporary art, music, poetry and numerous theatrical shows. Learn the history of its culture by visiting Victoria and Albert Museum and British Museum. Although London is famous for its urban city, you can also explore numerous landscapes and sights. Book from cheap delta airlines tickets and enjoy your traveling experience. Travel to the central part of the city and visit art galleries, Richmond court palace, museums, iconic buildings, green landscapes, Kew gardens and parks such as Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Hampstead Heath Park.

Explore riverside views on Thames River. London has modern architecture as well as historical sites which makes it the most visited destination in Great Britain and the whole world. Get knowledge about the preserved and the rich heritage of the old galleries, cultural attractions, and museums. Book your tickets from Delta airlines and spend endless days exploring London.

Top sights you should visit in Busan

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea which has to offer numerous tourist spots such as beaches, mountains and much more. If you are planning to visit Busan then book cheap delta airlines tickets at fewer rates. From seafood and fish markets to tent bars and cafes, Busan has many things to see and do. It is also number one trading port in South Korea. It is the fifth busiest port in the world. This international and intercultural metropolis city is famous for film festivals and Asian games.

Busan also has large beaches and rivers in the world which has become the top destination in few years. Bexco Exhibition is famous for displaying world-class artifacts and other exhibits. If you are a shopaholic then Seomyeon market, Choryang Arcade, Gukje Market Lotte Department Store and Nampo-dong Street is best for you. From seashores to land sightings, there are numerous things to discover which will keep you busy for the whole week. In seashore sightings, you can visit beaches, parks, and islands. Whereas in interior land sightings you can explore ruins of the palaces, Busan world cup stadium, various shrines, Bexco Exhibition sites, and convention center. Delta airlines deals offer huge family packages at cheap costs.

You can enjoy various rock formations and island views from beaches with your loved ones. Make sure to explore sand beaches such as Songjeong beach, Gwangalli beach, and Haeundae beach. Enjoy boating in banana boats and jet skiing on the beaches. For nature lovers, Yongdusan Park, Amnam Park, and Haean Park have to offer countless natural views. During summer the city becomes vibrant and lit with festivals and in winters it becomes famous migration site for birds and attraction for tourists which is called as Nakdong Estuary Seasonal Bird Migration Site. It has various museums like Busan Marine Museum, Busan Metropolitan Museum, and Bokcheon Museum. Avail the offer only at Delta airlines.

This vacation, plan your trip to Houston with Delta Airlines

Looking for a fun experience? Plan a trip to Houston which is a largest cosmopolitan city that possesses world-class arts, nightlife, resorts and shopping centers. Choose delta flights deals which will save your money as well as traveling budget. It is America’s 4th largest and most populated city which has hundreds of hangout spots for kids and adults in every corner of the city.

Explore Museum of fine arts which have thousands of known art collections. Visit Wet N Wild Splash town amusement park located in Texas. Buy low-cost flights delta airlines at good rates. If you are planning to take your kids, there are many things to do and explore for kids such as space center, zoo, aquarium, Natural science museum, Children Museum, The Art Car Museum, health museum, Sylvan Beach Park and Japanese garden. Visit NASA’s Historical museum at Johnson space center Houston, watch livestock show, known restaurants, arts scene at a symphony, opera, ballet and other theaters, visit live sports game and historical museums. You can do dozens of fun things in Houston. Explore lush gardens and travel to every part of this chic city.

If you are party animal then you can experience live music with the best food in numerous casinos, clubs, bars, and pubs. Restaurants and shopping center can fit your budget so don’t worry about the costs. This city attracts visitors like a magnet which has many things to see and do in day and night. During the day, go to shopping, explore museums, and eat in lush restaurants. At night, get to know the fanciest part of streets, theatrical shows and city’s nightlife which will entertain you till the late nights. Have a relaxing daytime on the beach while enjoying mocktails. Houston being a busy workaholic city attracts thousands of visitors every year. Everyone visits Houston once in their lifetime. Book now cheap delta airlines tickets and fly to this magnificent destination.

Best beaches in California one must visit. Book your Delta Airlines tickets Today!

California attracts millions of visitors from all over the globe. One can visit man-made attractions, landscapes, lakes, theme parks, shows, forests, surfing beaches and many more. California is a leading home for Hollywood which produces world’s best entertainment movies. You can visit killer whale shows where you may get an opportunity meet and touch the Orca whale. You can book Cheap Delta Airlines Tickets for your trip to California.

California has plenty of things to offer to enthusiastic visitors. You can visit Joshua Tree National Park which is diverse and rich in flora and fauna. From cultural landscapes to sun surfing beaches you can enjoy A to Z things in California. Check out the following top three beaches in California:


It is a famous beach situated in Los Angeles and it is known as Mediterranean climate. Many tourists and locals visit it in summer seasons famous for surfing and sunbathing. Malibu Lagoon is famous for its scenic beauty. Malibu beach is also nicknamed as “the bu” by the local surfers. One can visit Adamson House famous for its historical house and garden. It is a home for famous Hollywood stars and athletes. You can enjoy surfing or bask in sun sitting in the seats while watching the setting sun.


Coronado beach has long sandy beaches called as “the crown of the city”.  You can have a great time at this family beach which sparkles due to mineral mica present in the sand. After touring around you can visit several shops and restaurants. You can have a stay in one of the finest hotels in Coronado. You can do surfing, sunbathing, boogie boarding, paddle boarding and explore many tide pools. Book your tickets at Delta Airlines Flights and travel to this beautiful place.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County is famous for its fun-filled beaches. There are many things you can do with your loved ones such as camping, fishing, kayaking, picnicking, kayaking, and having long drives while watching sunsets. It is a pet-friendly beach which attracts millions of people every year.

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